This was undoubtedly the highlight of last night's game. 

Lifelong Cub fan Stefan Xidas had a goal of singing the National Anthem at a Cubs game and had the perfect strategy to do it.

Stefan, along with the help of two friends he has known from Kindergarten penned the following email to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts.

I’d like to make a deal with Tom Ricketts, the owner of the Chicago Cubs. If I’m able to raise $5,000 for the Special Olympics Organization, Tom Ricketts will let me sing the National Anthem at a Cubs game.

Ricketts agreed and Stefan set up a GoFundMe account to start his journey.

He raised the $5,000 in no time and by the time he stepped up to the mic the fund had grown to $18,000. Cubs Charities then matched that to make the total donation to $36,000.

Afterward, Stefan had a personal moment with Cubs manager Joe Maddon that left a smile on everyone's face.

This wasn't the first time Stefan sang at a professional Chicago sporting event. He sang the anthem before a White Sox game in 2005, the year that the Sox won it all. Hopefully, some of that good luck will rub off on the Cubs as well.

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