Here's something you're going to "like."

YouTuber Hot Dad recorded a song with lyrics comprised of positive Facebook comments between two people in a thread that began after someone posted a photo of a hedgehog.

Social media can be a black hole of trolling and negativity that will make you wonder why exactly it was created in the first place, but this clip reminds us of the good about it.

The fact that the tune is so darned catchy certainly helps, too. In fact, it sounds like something you'd hear as part of a montage in some '80s movie where the underdog works his tail off as he preps to tangle with the seemingly invincible villain.

Seriously, are you not pumped up listening to this? Wouldn't you download this and listen to it while running at the treadmill at the gym? It's so upbeat that you'll feel like running 10 miles and then go on Facebook to tell everyone.

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