Wheeling based Evanger's has recalled some of their dog food because it may be tainted with poison used to euthanize cattle. 

The offending product is the tastefully named "Hunk of Beef" pictured above. Several dogs in Washington state have become sick and one pug has died after eating the meal.

The poison is apparently coming from the drug pentobarbital, a sedative. The drug was apparently passed along to Evanger's after they used meat from cows that were euthanized using the drug.

Evanger's has since cut off all ties with the butchery that sold them the meat. The family-owned company's corporate secretary and his sister have posted video on their website apologizing for the mistake.

Fortunately this is something my dogs don't have to worry about. I'm sure a non-tainted can of Hunk of Beef is basically doggie food porn but I don't have the stomach to handle wet pet food. I vividly remember throwing up one time I had to feed my grandma's cat from the smell of opening a can of Nine Lives. It's been dry food everyday for my pets. They seem happy.

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