I saw this piece, and instantly thought of Scot (he's the Scot in Riley and Scot).

Scot is a Kool-Aid guy. A connoisseur, an aficionado, a devotee to all things Kool-Aid. Well, maybe not all things. He prefers Sharkleberry Finn, Tropical Punch, or Orange (Did I mention he's in his 30s and the father of two?).

Preferences not withstanding, you can't have Kool-Aid without Kool-Aid Man, the pitcher-like spokesperson (spokes-thing?) for the product for at least the last 4 decades.

You would've thought Kool-Aid's insurance carrier would have made them jettison this guy long ago, what with his propensity for destruction of people's private property. Not to mention the incredible risk of injury to kids (and the occasional adult) who are foolish enough to call out to "The Beverage Which Must Not Be Named."

Hey Kool-Aid!

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