Let's face it, bald eagles are pretty awesome (in spite of Ben Franklin's preference for the wild turkey as our national symbol).

I had no idea just how awesome these birds are until reading the story and watching the video on the efforts of this female bald eagle to keep her eggs safe and warm.

With only her head peaking out, a snow-covered bald eagle in Hanover, Pa., kept her eggs warm through the storm. The eagle was captured yesterday on “Eagle Cam” run by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


“They will sit on their eggs during all kinds of weather,” naturalist Jack Hubley told LancasterOnline. “You’ll notice that she’s covered with snow. … What does that tell you? That tells you that there is not much heat loss from her body.”


Hubley pointed out that eagles are great insulators – but fortunately for this eagle, she’s not alone. According to WTOP, the second eagle took over incubation duties at around 3:30 pm yesterday.


The eggs were laid almost a month ago, and have about 35 days to go before they hatch.


What are the chances the eggs will survive? “Barring any catastrophic winds, they will be fine,” Hubley said.

You can watch the livestream here.

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