We are heading into our last week of the regular season for the 2021 IHSA football season.

We've been broadcasting games all season long on 1440 WROK and we have been delayed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's just a sophomore game that goes long but the most unique delay of game has to go to the time we were broadcasting the Freeport-East game and the game was delayed for about 30 minutes while they waited for the paramedics to show up. It's unclear where the paramedics for the first game went because they were there for the sophomore game but when it was time to start the varsity they were no where to be found. Was there another call they had to attend to? Did they get hungry and just wanted a quick burger? Who knows, but we were forced to fill for about 45 minutes while we waited their return.

These are the kind of things you have to be prepared for when attending high school events, it's not always going to go as planned.

And that's what happened when two schools from the Peoria area went to meet at the 50-yard line to hold a captain's meeting between Elmwood and Brimfield.

After the official explained the rules he wanted both teams to be aware of, he went to flip a coin to decide who would kick off and came up empty. Not wanting to delay the game any more, everyone decided to play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who was going to receive to start the game.

Honestly, this is probably what all sporting events need to move to from now on. It adds a little more gamesmanship to the beginning of games and it's roughly 100 times more exciting than guessing heads or tails.

The only better way to decide the opening kickoff would be to do it the way the old XFL did it:

Probably too dangerous for high school football but the NFL should definitely think about stealing it.

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