A fuzzy little penguin in Chicago needs a name.

A rockhopper penguin chick is currently being called "Chick Number 23."

That's not a deserving name for someone so tiny and adorable!

So The Shedd Aquarium along with Lurie Children's Hospital are using social media to spread word of the name game.

The different names that are in consideration are as follows:

Lennox (for Isla Lennox, Chile)
Dawson (for Isla Dawson, Chile)
Diego (for Isla Diego de Almargo, Chile)
Javier (for Isla Javier, Chile)

My favorite? Probably Lennox. Each of the four names are all native areas where rockhopper penguins are found.

Members of Lurie Children's Hospital will be placing votes and you can follow along with #WaddleItBe on Twitter and Instagram.

The winning name will be announced on April 25 at Lurie Children's Hospital.



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