The obituary will read: 4 feet long, 25 pounds, about 100 years old, loved earthworms.

Sunday was the end of the road for Shedd Aquarium's oldest resident as Granddad, an Australian lungfish, was euthanized over the weekend due to complications from being a really old fish.

It's been a long time since I had a biology class so my facts may be hazy but according to it's Wikipedia article the lungfish breathes air and has a backbone which pretty much disqualifies it as a fish. What is it exactly? Let's go with amphibian maybe, but they probably have their own weird subcategory like a duck-billed platypus.

Was Granddad cute? No. Did he do any tricks? Not particularity. It seems that his main attribute was having lived through 13 U.S. presidents. Looks like President Trump pushed him over the edge (I kid!!)

According to this article Granddad would get "excited" for earthworm Wednesdays and actually move around his tank. Other than that the old guy just wanted to get his back rubbed and eat some greens.

I've been to Shedd a half dozen times and can't really remember Granddad. Most of my time was spent looking for the moray eel in the huge circular tank at the center of the Aquarium. None the less here's hoping Granddad has plenty of earthworms in the big sea in the sky.

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