First you win the World Series, then you get a Shake Shack. Makes sense to me. 

According to this report from the Chicago Tribune, Wrigleyville will be the home to a brand new Shake Shack beginning in the 2019 season. The New York based burger joint will be part of a development that will also include a 10 screen movie theater.

The new complex is just one of many new developments popping up around the old ballpark. Honestly if you haven't been there in 2 years you probably wouldn't recognize half of it and if you wait 2 more everything will be different. This complex is going up across the street from Slugger's and John Barleycorn on N. Clark, in otherwords, in the middle of everything so I'm sure it'll be quite the attraction.

This is the second Shake Shack to open up in Chicago and third in the area. The other two are in Skokie and across from The Bean on Michigan Ave. I've eaten lunch a couple of times at the one on Michigan. It's a very good burger. Not worth the line but I'm sure that won't matter to anyone after an afternoon of a Cubs game and double digit beers.