As local officials continue to discuss a proposed $41 million jet repair hub at the Rockford airport, Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen joined "Riley & Scot" to update the progress on the funding for the facility.

It comes after a story in the Register Star that stated aldermen and county board members had questions about millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for the AAR building:

No one involved in talks among city, county and airport officials say the unanswered questions are a deal-breaker for the much-anticipated project, which promises to bolster the region’s aerospace industry with hundreds of well-paid aviation mechanic jobs.

But the maintenance, repair and overhaul facility could be delayed if cost-sharing agreements among the city, county and airport aren’t inked before the end of the month.

Christiansen told us it's natural for officials to want all the details in front of them before voting on a matter involving this much taxpayer money. The Chairman doesn't believe any of these questions should be looked at as roadblocks, as there still is time before the end of the month for all votes to take place.

Here's our full conversation with the Chairman: