The Rockford Symphony Orchestra has officially put a halt to any concerts and events through May of 2021. 

From their press release:

When we planned a celebration of Steven Larsen's 30th and final season with the RSO, we could scarcely have imagined the disruption of the Coronavirus in almost every aspect of our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a level of uncertainty to the Rockford Symphony Orchestra that we have not seen before, but it has not stopped the RSO from delivering on our mission to enlighten, educate, and entertain through symphonic music.

We had the pleasure of having director Steven Larsen in studio last year when he announced that he would be retiring after the next season.

I've been lucky enough to play under Larsen when I was younger. I definitely didn't know much back then but was impressed, even as a teenager, with the way he conducted a group of musicians. Steven Larsen brought a professional excellence to the RSO that will definitely be missed in future seasons.

The RSO will shift to all virtual performances through at least the month of May. A positive of this is the added exposure to audiences that might not have been able to see them live. They also will be able to play around with different concert settings, smaller rooms where an audience wouldn't make sense. They also will be televising their Holiday Pops concert, details will be announced later this month.

The RSO will offer 2020/21 season ticket holders the option to donate the value of their tickets, credit the value for next season, or receive a refund.

For more information on tickets and everything else RSO related head over to their website at

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