A month or so back, I posted a piece here about the 7 Illinois high schools that made the list of the top 50 high schools in the entire country. For those who didn't see it, these are the Illinois high schools that made the top 50 list:

  1. Payton College Preparatory School Chicago (No.4 nationally)
  2. Northside College Preparatory School Chicago (No. 8 nationally)
  3. Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora (No. 10 nationally)
  4. Whitney Young Magnet High School, Chicago (No. 16 nationally)
  5. Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire (No. 29 nationally)
  6. Jones College Prep High School, Chicago (No. 35 nationally)
  7. Lane Tech College Prep High School, Chicago (No. 42 nationally)

And the 5 Illinois high schools in the top 100:

    1. New Trier Township High School, Winnetka (No. 79 nationally)
    2. Neuqua Valley High School, Naperville (No. 80 nationally)
    3. Glenbrook South High School, Northbrook (No. 81 nationally)
    4. Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook (No. 85 nationally)
    5. Hinsdale Central High School, Hinsdale (No. 92 nationally)

Today, we'll take a look at a Rockford school that not only made the top ten list of best elementary schools in the state of Illinois, but also the top ten list of best middle schools in the state, too.

Not to give too much away too early, but this particular school is named after this man:

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This Week, US News And World Report Released Their Rankings Of The Best Elementary And Middle Schools In The United States Based On Department Of Education Data On Student Proficiency

The US News and World Report study includes data on more than 79,000 public elementary and middle schools nationwide. Here's what they looked at in specific:

State assessments of students who were proficient or above-proficient in mathematics and reading/language arts, while also accounting for student backgrounds, achievement in core subjects, and how well schools are educating their students. Student-teacher ratios are applied to break ties in the overall score.

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A Big Congratulations To Thurgood Marshall School In Rockford, Illinois For Its Prominent Placement On The Top Ten List Of Best Elementary Schools In Illinois

Out of a possible score of 100, Thurgood Marshall School scored an impressive 99.59, which put the school in the number-six spot for best elementary schools in Illinois.


Thurgood Marshall School is a public school located in Rockford, IL, which is in a fringe rural setting. The student population of Thurgood Marshall School is 471 and the school serves 5-8. At Thurgood Marshall School, 82% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math, and 82% scored at or above that level for reading.
The school’s minority student enrollment is 37%. The student-teacher ratio is 16:1, which is better than that of the district.
The student population is made up of 44% female students and 56% male students. The school enrolls 12% economically disadvantaged students. There are 29 equivalent full-time teachers and 2 full-time school counselors.

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Not Only Did The Thurgood Marshall School's Elementary School Receive A Terrific Rating From US News, The Middle School Did Even Better

Thurgood Marshall's middle school takes the number-five spot overall in the US News rankings, making this list a double win for the school. Here's the overall top ten middle schools in Illinois, according to US News:

7. Hickory Creek Middle School, Frankfort

8. The Joseph Sears School, Kenilworth

9. Hawthorne Scholastic Academy, Chicago

10. Daniel Wright Junior High School, Lincolnshire

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