Looks like the most puntasticly-named Rockford salon has closed up shop.

To be fair, it may have been shuttered for quite some time as far as I know.

Part of my daily commute doesn't include a trip down Sandy Hollow Road but earlier this week I did find myself on the street.

Just east of Alpine Road on the north side of Sandy Hollow sits Colony Plaza, home of Sandy Hollow Food & Liquor, Rockford Nails, Treasures Galore, and 5 Coins Restaurant among a few other tenants.

Then and there I saw it. The sign that spoke to me. Maybe because I too need a haircut. After all, I haven't received a proper cut since the beginning of the pandemic. Long story short, my hair is long, like really long.

If only Anita Hair Cut, the salon with probably the best name I've ever witnessed, was still a thing. I'd be getting a clip right now.

lenny photo
lenny photo

I didn't get out of the car to see if they're still open but when I called Anita Hair Cut, 4332 Sandy Hollow Road, the phone number was disconnected.

Anita Hair Cut did (and still does) have a Facebook page, nothing added since 2014, so who knows maybe it's been closed for a long time now.

Sure, there's plenty of other salons in Rockford to get your hair cut but none come even close to using a name for their place with as delightful a play on words as Anita Hair Cut.

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