One of the best restaurants in the area received some nice coverage from the Chicago public television show. 

If you haven't seen Check Please! you should give it a try sometime.

The basic gist of the show is three regular people are on an episode at a time. Each one gives a restaurant suggestion that they love. It's usually a smaller place that's not as well known. Then each person goes to the other two's suggestions and has dinner. Then they all get together and talk about their experiences. After the guests have had their unannounced dinner, the show goes back to the place and films a little 4-minute video about it.

I've been watching the show for a while now and have gotten some great eating suggestions.

Well, it appears that Check Please! did a special "Touring Illinois" show and highlighted some places that are outside of Chicago and the suburbs. That's how Social was able to get on the program.

The short video not only highlights Social but some other places of note in the area. Anderson Gardens, the golf scene, the Rockford Brewery, and others.

It's a nice little piece that shows some others that despite what you might read in the news (and hear from some residents), Rockford can be a pretty great place to live.

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