A Rockford man wanted for criminal sexual abuse is dead after apparently shooting himself during a traffic stop near Springfield.

According to the Springfield Journal-Register, the Sangamon County coroner's office identified the man as 28-year-old Natheon A. Hanson. The paper says a search of Winnebago County court records shows the alleged sexual offenses occurred between October 1 and October 20. Charges were filed October 30:

Authorities say the incident began after Hanson was pulled over for a traffic violation:

The Jerome officer did not go up to the driver's window during the traffic stop and instead talked to Hanson from the back of the SUV. An assisting officer from Leland Grove was on the passenger side of the vehicle, which had dark tinted windows.

"The gentleman refused to show the officer his hands," Kennedy said. "Then all of a sudden the (Leland Grove) officer who was there to assist yelled, 'Gun!' He was on the passenger side of the vehicle and could see the driver had a gun in his hand. As soon as that happened, you hear the pop of him shooting, and that was it."

Hanson suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Officials say they have no idea why he was in the Springfield area.