I've gotten a few calls and emails here at the station telling me about how someone purporting to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) called a local resident and told them that the resident was being sued by the IRS for one reason or another. The problem is, the call is BS, and the caller is a scam artist.

Well, last night, I got a call from "The IRS" myself. The very serious, and official-sounding woman on the line told me that the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me for unpaid taxes. Having the advantage of knowing about this ongoing scam, I thought I would play along just to see how she planned to liberate the few dollars I have left in my wallet. I didn't get the chance, though. After I asked for help remembering my social security number, she hung up.

Then, just a few minutes ago, they called again. This, the robo-voice told me, was my FINAL WARNING. If I wanted to avoid big troubles, they suggested that I return the call immediately.

So, I grabbed my phone's video camera, and...called them back (pardon the video quality, as my office is not that well lit):

For more information, visit irs.gov or bbb.org/rockford