You've always wanted to know how that guac gets so creamy, and the chef finally shared the secret.

As soon as you get off I-90, you'll see the sign for Giovanni's, but if you're paying attention, you'll also see the sign for Alchemy, one of Rockford's small but sweet hot spots tucked right in the front of Giovanni's.

Alchemy has been in Rockford for just about five years and might have the most diverse menu in the city. From smokey cocktails, to fresh tuna tacos, plus super saucy Mac with Back pizzas, I swear Alchemy has it all.

Included in all of that is the secret to guacamole perfection, which you can find at exactly the 1:29 mark on the latest episode of Ate One Five.

Alchemy is located at 610 N Bell School Rd.

Ate One Five is hitting up restaurants, getting into their kitchens and talking to their customers to find out what they like the most.

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