Home prices also hit a 12-year high last month, with an average price of over $143K.

A year ago, a listed home was sold, on average, in about 35 days. The month of June, 2019, was a different story as a listed home sold in 30 days, setting a new monthly record.

That's 11 days less than the same time period last year, and over 2 weeks less than the state average.

Rockford area realtors point to an overall decrease in available homes as reason for the quick sales.

23 WIFR News:

Halina Borowski has been selling homes for 37 years and says June was the busiest month yet.

"I listed this home on Friday, then open house on Sunday. I didn't even have pictures yet and we have probably around 40 buyers stop by," says Borowski with Gambino Realtors.

Borowski attributes the housing market success to a good economy and government programs.

But because there are so many buyers, inventory is low making home prices rise.