The Rockford Fire Department is used to getting people out of tough situations but this rescue was a little bit more fowl than usual. 

Mama duck had been separated from her chicks (pretty sure baby ducks are chicks) and they were stuck in the sewer. Fortunately, some of Rockford's finest were on hand to help out.


Here they are sizing up the situation.


I'll readily admit that I have no idea how the sewer system works, but how is this possible? Did they fall down the grate? They can't all be that dumb. There appears to be some sort of pipe feeding into the pit. Maybe the mom got lost? Who knows?


Here's the money shot. The one where there's a happy ending. Congrats to the Rockford Fire Department for giving us this story. It's nice to look at meaningless fluff every once in awhile. We all need it.



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