Beef-A-Roo had to deliver some pretty terrible news to their adoring public last week. They were temporarily removing onion rings from their menu due to supply chain problems. From their Facebook page:

To our customers (esp. Ring lovers), our long time ring manufacturer has hit a snag in production of our signature ring. Because there is no product available that is exactly like ours, we are not serving rings for about 2 weeks. The Mushroom Beef/Burger & Wild West Beef/Burger will still have the ring topper, as we have a very small supply of a sub product for the sandwiches.

This isn't a problem that only Beef-A-Roo is having with their supply chain. Restaurants all over the country are operating with kitchens that aren't fully stocked with their regular supplies because of manufacturing delays. The chicken wing market has especially been hit this year, and they're not the only ones crying foul (fowl.)

It sounds like Beef-A-Roo will be back to slinging rings in a few weeks but now that I found out that I can't have them, it's basically all I want. I'll be honest, I'm pretty late to the game when it comes to onion rings at Beef-A-Roo. I was scared of onions when I was a kid, so I never tried them and the Beef-A-Roo fries are so good, I never even considered having anything else with my roast beef after they got me hooked on their heavenly-seasoned fries.

I didn't even try one of their onion rings until about 5 or 6 years ago when I stole one from the bag when my grandma sent me there to pick her up some lunch.

They're delicious and now I have a Sophie's choice whenever I pull through the drive-thru. I'm not proud to admit that there have been trips when both fries and onion rings were ordered on one trip. I'm not a strong man when it comes to food.

Don't fret, they will return soon, in the meantime the award winning fries will have to tide you over. Please think of me during these trying times.

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