Get your thinking cap on... or your throwback cap if you will. Rockford City Market just announced four different themed trivia nights for this fall.

Fun is the best part of life right? And for most of last year that fun had to be home alone, which let's face it was pretty boring.

This year, though we are still in the middle of a pandemic, we have been able to figure out a few different ways to spend time having fun with people we love.

And one of my favorite ways to have have fun is themed trivia.


So when I heard that Rockford City Market was bringing back their Indoor City Market themed trivia I was excited before I even heard the themes!

Then I heard the themes and OMG I AM PUMPED.

Things are kicking off Thursday September 16 with 90s trivia with some really fun themed cocktails.

After that 'The Office,' trivia will take over the Indoor City Market space on October 21, admittedly I'm less excited for that one, however, I am very excited for Friends trivia, which is slated for November 18.

Finally Gilmore Girls trivia night is on December 16.

The best part is the cost. It's $10 for a team or two or $20 for a team of four that that includes a drink ticket for each player. That's a price I can get behind.

Which trivia category would you pick to attend?

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