Remember the Rockton woman who shared a video a couple weeks ago warning women to be careful about being followed by a green Ford Ranger truck? Well, it turns out she LIED ABOUT THE WHOLE THING, and I am mad as hell.

On June 28, 2017 I came across Kelsey Saunders' Facebook video recounting a terrifying tale of being followed around the Stateline area by a man driving a green Ford Ranger truck. She said that she had filed a Police report about the incident. I immediately shared it because I believed her and felt it was information every single woman in the Rockford area needed to know. Later on, the video was taken down, which seemed a little suspicious. Why would Saunders remove the video if she posted it with the intention to save lives and inform women?

Here's the answer, and it has me spitting mad.

It has now been confirmed to us by Rockton Police Chief Stephen Dickson that Kelsey Saunders was arrested for filing a false report to police. There was a full investigation of the incident and it was determined to all be false.

Rockton Police Department
Rockton Police Department

Don't get me wrong. I am not mad because I feel duped for believing her lies. That happens to me often. I have a big heart that tends to believe the best in people. I am mad because I cannot for the life of me figure out why she would lie about something so serious? Women from the Stateline have gone missing, still are missing, and she sent police on a wild goose chase with her lies. They could have been focusing on other important things, and I can't stop wondering, "what the heck was Saunders thinking?"

She posted the video simply to get Facebook likes; with no regard for the repercussions that would have on other people's lives . I am at a total loss for words.

To the thousands of Stateline women who watched Saunders' original video and shared the warning with their friends and family, I say thank you; I'm sorry we all got duped. Thank you for caring enough to keep those you love safe. I only wish Kelsey Saunders would have done it for the same reasons.



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