Portillo's popped up in Rockford but what where's our White Castle?! Maybe this is the answer.

There was a time when you had to drive to Dekalb for Portillo's or White Castle. Thankfully, in June of 2015, a Portillo's opened near State Street and Mulford Road in Rockford.

Rockford's hunger for hotdogs and Italian beef has been satisfied, but what about those crazing a slider?!

No one has an official answer as to why Rockford doesn't have a White Castle, but the Facebook fan page Bring a WHITE CASTLE restaurant to Rockford Illinois PLEASE! posted this in 2014.

They informed me that unlike most fast food chains they only build maybe 1 new restaurant a year and currently Rockford was not in their research market area.

The fan page also claims White Castle's corporate office said only one new restaurant is built each year.

You have a few options for satisfying that slider craving, though. You can either take a quick trip to Dekalb or hop on I-90, get stuck in construction, and eventually get those delicious devils down your gullet.