On the eve of its centennial, WROK is making one biggest additions to the station in the history of its 100 years.

We are adding a whole new way to listen to WROK programming right on your radio in the stateline area.

We are proud to announce the official launch of our FM translator. I could bore you with the specifics of the FM translator, and honestly I'm not sure how it all works. That's what engineers are for.

You can check out the Wikipedia page if you're truly interested, let me know what you learn.

What I do know is that you can go anywhere in Rockford, tune into 96.1 FM and you'll hear WROK programming in crystal clear FM quality.

Not only will the quality be better than you've ever heard on the AM side of the dial but you'll be able to hear the station in more parts of the city. AM signals can reach farther than FM signals but can be easily disrupted. We've all heard in when driving under power lines. That's something you won't get with the FM signal.

Office buildings can sometimes be a barricade for AM signals. Not a problem for the shorter FM signals. They bust through concrete with ease.

Here's some videos for more clarity. I've watched all of them multiple times and kind of understand it. I have a hard time with anything that has to do with waves. You might fare better.

Remember, we will also begin broadcasting White Sox games in April. You have to hear a baseball game through an FM signal. Len Kasper's never sounded so good.

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