There comes a time in every mom and dad's lives where you have to sit down with your kids and have some important and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about certain people and things in their lives like, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the birds and the bees.

For these Rockford parents, it was the Tooth Fairy. Dorothy and Brian Wallheimer's 7-year-old daughter, Ellie, just lost a tooth, but before she could collect, she had to get some answers.

Dorothy captioned the photo on Facebook saying, "An added level of difficulty for the tooth fairy this week..."

letter to the tooth fairy
Dorothy Schneider Wallheimer via Facebook

It says, "Dear tooth fairy, what do you do with the teeth? And where do you live? And how do you know somebody lost a tooth? I lost a tooth!!!!!!!!! Can you please answer some of my questions on the back? Thank you! I love you tooth fairy."

I bet you're wondering the same thing I did the Tooth Fairy respond?

Letter to the Tooth Fairy
Dorothy Schneider Wallheimer via Facebook

The Tooth Fairy says, "Hi Ellie! Thanks for your questions! I take the teeth back home with me- but I cannot tell you where that is! It's a secret. I have special powers that help me know when kids lose teeth and sometimes moms and dads help let me know. Love you too, Tooth Fairy.

Good answers, and what a great way to celebrate Ellie losing a tooth, with a fun and personal handwritten letter from the Tooth Fairy.

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