Depending on how long you've lived in the Rockford area, you've probably heard something about a tragic event involving Santa Claus parachuting into Rockford's North Towne Mall in the 1960s. Many believe that it's a Rockford "urban legend," but, as we learned this morning, it's all too true.

When the topic of the "Santa Parachute Incident" came up at work a few months back, I thought it might be interesting to run down the actual story of what happened, if indeed it happened at all. After doing a bunch of online searching, I came across an excellent piece from December of 2014 in the Rock River Times. It was written by Kathi Kresol, a local historian, paranormal investigator and operator of Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events. After reading her outstanding article, I invited Kathi to join us on the WROK Morning Show to share what she had learned while extensively researching the piece.

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