For those who thought that Illinois wasn't an exciting place with exciting things happening...

I doubt that David Rush's Guinness World Record for eating corn with a toothpick will change your mind one iota.

Maybe knowing that David came all the way from Idaho to set the record here in Illinois is an indicator of how exciting things are in the Spud State.

From UPI:

An Idaho man visited an Illinois library and broke a Guinness World Record for eating 241 corn kernels with a toothpick in three minutes.

David Rush, who previously set a record at the Oak Brook Public Library last year when he balanced a pool cue on his forehead for 1 hour, 3 minutes and 14 seconds, returned to the library to attempt the corn kernel record.

Rush's third attempt successfully broke the record when he skewered and ate 241 corn kernels in three minutes, breaking the previous record of 236.

This guy probably has problems with all the groupies this sort of record-breaking brings out, wouldn't you think? Yeah. Me either.

David Rush also claims to have broken 83 Guinness World Records, including nearly 40 that he says remain unbroken.


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