John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network

Gov. Bruce Rauner is promising plenty of fixes for the state’s schools, particularly its largest school.

Speaking in Champaign, Rauner said he wants to improve the University of Illinois’ effect on the state’s economy, particularly by providing additional resources to its engineering and applied sciences programs.

“I’m a venture capitalist, and I want to see more venture capital here in Champaign, more advanced manufacturing, more driving of impact,” Rauner said, “and I want to get the resources here to help the U of I expand its footprint, here in Champaign dramatically, but also around the state.”

What Rauner pledged to change is the bureaucracy within the university, though he didn’t mention specifics. He did touch on the possibility that the state’s pension problems may be driving away talented teachers from the school.

“Hearing a lot of chatter from my friends that some of the adjustments, whether its pension stuff or other stuff, is hurting our competitiveness in recruiting faculty. We can’t let that happen,” Rauner said.

Some of the Rauner’s education promises were repeats from the campaign, such as improving vocational training around the state.

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