University of Illinois

Space X Commander Is A University of Illinois Grad
Crew commander Mike Hopkins, 51, is an Air Force colonel and former space station resident who grew up on a hog and cattle farm in Missouri. He played football for the University of Illinois and, before becoming an astronaut in 2009, worked at the Pentagon.
U of I Professor Moves Midterm Exam For Cubs Baseball
I guess when you've gone a century without a World Series title, Cubs fans aren't shy to ask if certain rules can be bent to allow for playoff action.
Take this story of a University of Illinois student, via Sports Illustrated:
Ben Larson, a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Ch…
University of Illinois Balancing Online vs. Campus Learning
Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network
The University of Illinois is heavily invested in offering courses online, but the president doesn’t want the on-campus environment to suffer.
The U. of I. offers undergraduate and graduate degrees online, and some courses never require a campus v…

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