Well isn't that just adorable. Teens across the country are "promposing" to their hopeful prom dates. I had no idea they were so romantic.

Since prom is coming up on May 30th at Giovanni's, I had to think of some creative ways to ask my sweetie to the dance. Thank heavens for the internet!

This one I thought was right up my alley. That's how I would want to be asked to prom. If you have read my bio than you would know that.

abbsolutely__ instagram
abbsolutely__, Instagram

This I thought was quite inventive. Must have "googled" the facts.

tighttoknow instagram
tighttoknow, Instagram

Oh, now this is cute. It like a crossword puzzle meets "Mad Libs."

mmmergzz instagram
mmmergzz, Instagram

I don't like to work for surprises. Not to mention balloons are scary. But then again, it is very sweet.

ry_compeau instagram
ry_compeau, Instagram

Now this is just plain horrific. I hate the color pink and I would not want some random dude decorating my bedroom when I wasn't home. You never know what you might find in there.

jordanadkiins instagram
jordanadkiins, Instagram

Looks like I'm going to have to get creative to ask my date to the Totally Retro Prom. Did you get your tickets?


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