I don't like it when other people make fun of Wisconsin. That's our job. 

First and foremost I'd like to address the fact that all of these "maps" are absolute trash. They're usually "researched" by manipulating "data" to make the weirdest map they can. You publish it, the people of Utah get offended and Boom!, you have a viral Tweet.

I don't think that happened here. I'm pretty sure they just made it up.

Let's take a quick look at the results I 100% don't believe:

  • Arizona - Candy Dots - The candy that comes with a little bit of paper in every bite? Sure.
  • Alaska, Hawaii - Wax bottles - Are they insinuating that wax bottles just got to these "exotic" states?
  • Idaho, Texas - Black Licorice - I'm not going to research this since they obviously didn't but I'm pretty sure only 2% of the population can even stand black licorice, let alone eat it as a "Movie" snack.
  • North Dakota - BAKED BEANS!!! - This is the one where my Spidey senses went off. That one is kind of funny though.
  • Illinois, Kansas - Sixlets - Honest question. When was the last time you saw a package of Sixlets? I'm not even really sure what they are. Those are the little M&Ms right? Again, not doing any research for this.
  • Florida - Dum Dums - Just mean
  • Massachusetts - Circus Peanuts - Get the $&@^ outta here.

Then we get to Wisconsin which they claim is Kraft Cheese Slices.

Listen, I get making fun of Wisconsin for the cheese thing. They're a bit nuts about it but that's some low hanging fruit. It's also totally inaccurate.

Saying people from Wisconsin eat Kraft Singles is like saying Hawaii's favorite fish is Starkist Tuna. They've got the good stuff up there they're not slumming it with Kraft Singles. EVERYONE knows that Wisconsin-ites eat cheese curds when they go to the movies, or anywhere else for that matter.

Leave making fun of cheeseheads to us and I'll leave making fake maps up to you.

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