If you're not used to riding the Red Line in Chicago, this Sunday probably isn't a good time to start. 

TimeOutChicago - Founded by New York comedy collective Improv Everywhere, the No Pants Subway Ride takes place on trains all over the world. Participants are expected to board a train in their underwear and act entirely normal, while other unsuspecting riders ponder the presence of several pantsless passengers. The goal of the ride is to amuse and confuse rather than titillate—all participants are required to wear undergarments that cover all of the most private areas of their bodies.

All the fun begins this Sunday, January 7th a little after noon at the Loyola Red Line station. From there, participants will ride from Loyola all the way downtown to the Loop where there will be plenty of photo opportunities.  You might want to bring some pants to change into after that but that's up to you.

To be clear, this doesn't raise money for anything or have any other meaning. It's just fun. It should be a bit warmer this Sunday so you might be wearing shorts anyways, just go a bit further.

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