It's summer vacation time! That's right, the time of year when many of us cram a suitcase (hoping to be under the weight limit), fight the crowds, submit to the TSA, and head for destinations unknown to "relax."

Travel in today's world is already packed with all types of stress. Don't make it worse by finding yourself dealing with two-legged stress generators known as "humans." According to a piece up at Yahoo Travel, author Paula Froelich says there are 14 types of folks you should maintain a safe distance from. Let's take a look at a few and see if you're familiar:

The Grabber. You know him — the guy who grabs the back of your headrest to pull himself out of his seat to go to the bathroom. Thanks. A lot. I wasn’t sleeping or anything. You’d think by now everyone knows not to touch the seat in front of him (or her). Then again, there are still people who, while going through security say, “What do you mean I can’t take my bottle of water? I just paid for it!” If it happens once, give it a pass (although turning around and giving them the stink eye doesn’t hurt). If it happens again, do what my pal Hampton used to do: as they grab your seat, snake your hand back, clawing at their arm, and say, “Oh, sorry, just having a bad dream!”

I still prefer the Arnold move from "Kindergarten Cop," involving the snapping of a pencil as a preview for what will be done to the kid behind him kicking a seat.

The Stinker. Please. Don’t wear your cologne. I’m not your wife. I don’t want to smell you. But please DO shower and wear deodorant. Again. I don’t want to smell you. And people, if your dogs are barking, wear better shoes. Your bare feet reek. The only recourse in this situation is to overpower their smell with one of your own. No, I am not advocating High Altitude Flatulence, but I am advocating using a small bottle of Febreeze directly on the source of the smell.

Yeah...having once spent a transatlantic flight next to a guy whose "natural fragrance" would peel the paint off an outhouse door, I only wish Febreeze could be administered with a fire hose.

The Groomer. It always mystifies me why some people wait until the train, bus, or plane to clip their toenails, fingernails, pick their nose or trim their eyebrows. The only thing to do if you are sat next to one of these people is to shame them into compliance by whipping out your cellphone and pressing record while threatening to put it up on YouTube.

Okay, in a word: Ewwwwwwww. Find the rest of the list here. And, if that weren't enough, here are a few more airport annoyances to be on the look out for: