This past Sunday and Monday were real weather whoppers in the Stateline area, and many residents are working hard to clean up the mess the heavy rain and storms left behind. Stephenson County received the highest rainfall totals, and flood waters haven't even begun to recede yet. In fact, they are getting slightly worse...

The Freeport and Pearl City area are currently dealing with devastating flooding, and they will need all our prayers and help in the days ahead. The Stephenson County Emergency Management Agency also posted earlier this morning that the Flood Warning for areas near Freeport, Lena, Pearl City, Cedarville, Davis, Dakota, GermanValley, Winslow, Rock City, and Ridott has been extended through 6 p.m. on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

Just look at these photos that were taken yesterday in Pearl City of the massive flooding that some people are calling "The 100 Year Flood"...

Road Closures in Stephenson County

With waters still rising, some roads in Stephenson County remain closed due to flooding. These closures include Rt. 75 East at Taylor Park in Freeport and Rt. 73 in Pearl City. (Safe detours have been posted).

Business 20 West between Lily Creek and Harlem Center Road has re-opened according to the Stephenson County Emergency Management Agency, but they warn many side streets are still covered in water and drivers should proceed with caution.

Help For Flood Victims in Need

If you know someone in the Pearl City or Freeport area who had to flee from their home, the Red Cross will be distributing Food Clean Up Kits at St. John Church in Freeport this Wednesday and Thursday, (August 10 and 11).

If you have some free time over the next weeks, please consider volunteering for clean-up efforts, they are going to need all the help they can get.

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