This isn't news to any Cubs fan but Pat Hughes is pretty good at this radio thing. 

NBCSports - Long-time Cubs radio play-by-play announcer Pat Hughes received a contract extension in December. Less than a month later, he has received yet another prestigious honor. Monday, the National Sports Media Association named Hughes the 2018 Illinois Sportscaster of the Year.

As stated in the title this is the 12th time Hughes has received this honor. He also received the Wisconsin Sportscaster of the Year Award 3 straight times from 1990-92.

I know Pat takes the honor very seriously and is grateful he gets to do what he loves for a living. But after 12 of these, how special can they still be? I imagine it has to be like Michael Jackson getting another gold record. Just put it on the pile of my other awards.

Pat's the best in the business. I feel lucky to have him as a radio partner through the whole baseball season.

Hughes just turned 63 and is entering his 24th season as the radio voice of the Chicago Cubs.

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