We all know that Wisconsinites like to drink but this is getting ridiculous. 

Why is it whenever you hear about someone with more than 4 DUIs they're almost always from Wisconsin? Has Uber not made it up there yet? Is everything just too spread out and no one can walk anywhere? Is it always too cold to bike? I don't know but Wisconsin just added two more winners to their Wall of Shame.

WIFR - A wrong-way driver is charged with his 5th OWI after a chase involving several departments. 28-year old Jacob White was driving southbound in the northbound lane of I-43 at a high rate of speed....


WIFR - Janesville plice say 50-year old Timothy Jonhson of Janesville was arrested and charged with his 7th OWI after a hit and run accident... When officers arrived, they found a car parked in the middle of the road with the lights off.  The driver was passed out behind the wheel.

These aren't ticky-tack DUIs either. Driving the wrong way down the highway and straight up passed out in a parked car in the middle of the road are some really impressive ways to get busted. Does Wisconsin just wait until you kill someone to permanently suspend your license? Maybe the problem is that they call them OWIs instead of DUIs which for some reason sound way worse. I don't know.

Hopefully, the light goes on for these two guys and they straighten some things out but I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll probably hear from one of these two guys again.

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