There is a park in Chicago that is dedicated to the movie, "The Wizard Of Oz."

MGM / Harvest / Adrian Borromeo
MGM / Harvest / Adrian Borromeo

Discovered Something New In Chicago

I have grown up in Illinois my whole life. My family and I have spent a lot of time in Chicago. It is not very often when I discover something in the Windy City that I have never heard of before. Well, for the first time in a while, I finally did.

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A couple of weeks ago, the weather forecast looked great, so a couple of friends and I decided to run into the city to hang out for the afternoon. During our adventure, I caught something brand new. It was Oz Park.

One Of The Most Popular Movies Of All Time

I think if I made a list of the most popular movies of all time, somewhere near the top if not number one would be the "Wizard Of Oz." It's a family movie that just about everyone loves. It was one of my favorites as a kid. The only problem is that it was only shown a couple of times a year back in those days. I think that's made it extra special.


What Is Oz Park?

When I saw the sign for Oz Park, it really got my curiosity going. Of course, I immediately hit the great Google machine to find out more.

Did You Know: Wizard of Oz Premiered in Wisconsin, Not Hollywood
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According to, 

Tucked behind Lincoln Park High School, this 14.4-acre park is named for one-time Lincoln Park resident L. Frank Baum (who famously penned The Wizard of Oz).

Oz Park is just what you think: a park dedicated to The Wizard of Oz.

Sculptures of the popular characters are scattered around the huge park.

For more info, HERE.

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