When you need the biggest beer in the world, you go to Wisconsin.

Because this place is one super popular destination for tourists and visitors from all over the globe.

Photo by sk on Unsplash
Photo by sk on Unsplash

Young and old, sober and drunk, people come just to see the World's Largest Six Pack and no, it's not some dude with super ripped abs.

If I was driving through La Crosse, Wisconsin, I'd probably pull over and take a pic too if I had a chance.

Because the World's Largest Six Pack isn't something you see every day, so when you do cruise past the behemoth you take note.

Speaking of, at the foot (or bottom of the can?) of the World's Largest Six Pack, you'll find a couple of notes regarding the monster cans of beer.

  • (22,200 barrels of beer or 688,200 gallons of beer.)
  • Enough beer to fill 7,340,796 cans.
  • Placed end to end these cans would run 565 miles.
  • Would provide one person a six-pack a day for 3,351 years.

If you're as confused as to how the World's Largest Six Pack came to be, Atlas Obscura will learn you up:

Originally the G. Heileman Brewing Company Old Style brewery, and later the La Crosse brewery, it was an unknown genius who, in 1969, realized that the six enormous beer tanks at this site, made for a perfect giant six-pack.

G. Heileman closed up shop in 1999, but City Brewery bought the place and swapped out the Old Style cans for La Cross.

Have you seen the World's Largest Six Pack up close? Is it worth the trip for someone looking to do something a little different?

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