It is just an abandoned shopping mall in Milwaukee, not the set of a horror movie.

Inside Look Of Abandoned Mall In Milwaukee

Check out this video inside a former shopping mall in Milwaukee. It is so weird when a place like this one has stopped in time but still remains. Almost like going into a time machine.

Video: Exploring the Abandoned Northridge Mall

I really think the inside of this abandoned mall looks like the movie set for a Zombie movie. I can just picture it in my head.

What's The Fascination

I am not exactly sure why but lately I have been fascinated by videos of old out-of-business buildings. Maybe it is the nostalgia of looking back at something that I used to enjoy.

Back in the day, especially when I was in high school, I used to really enjoy hanging out at malls. Luckily, where I grew up there were a bunch of them.

It seemed like they had everything I could ever need like arcades, food courts, movie theaters, record stores, and so much more. Malls were a good place to hang out with friends and meet people.

It is another thing that kids today will never experience. So many have gone away for good. Every once in a while, you can find one that has been shut down but remains standing.

I also liked cheesy horror movies back in those days too. Like I said earlier, it would make a great movie set for a cheesy 1980's horror movie.

I wish I could just put together a film crew a put together my own Zombie Apocalypse flick.

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