More beer has meant more money and fewer arrests for Northern Illinois University.

According to the Daily Chronicle, university police Cmdr. Don Rodman says alcohol-related calls during games have dropped since beer sales began in the second week of the football season:

“Looking at comparative years, we haven’t had any alcohol-related calls on the west side (of Huskie Stadium) – which is where the alcohol is being sold,” said Rodman, who has been with NIU police for 10 years.

Both Rodman and Northern Illinois senior associate athletic director John Cheney believe that the drop is because fans are not binge drinking before heading into the stadium now that beer is available.

In years past, officials say there were a handful of alcohol-related calls each game. Due to the success, the university plans to continue selling beer during men's and women's basketball games.

There's no official word on exactly how much revenue has been brought in for NIU.