Hate spiders? Is 'arachnophobia' an understatement? Stop reading now because you're going to freak out inside your own home.

Wolf spiders are huge, hairy spiders. Their bodies can grow up to an inch long and, adding more fuel to nightmares, their leg span can exceed 2 inches.

Though the wolf spider is generally black, grey, they're sometimes reddish, brown, or tan. Because of its possible brown color, they're often confused for a brown recluse spider. Their eight eyes, two of which are bigger than the rest, make this spider appear even more terrifying.

Another thing that makes wolf spiders appear to be terrifying is females carry their eggs on their spinnerets. Once those eggs hatch the "babies" stick around on momma's back for a minute.


Spider webs won't lead up to a wolf spider because they burrow in rocks and trees. And, according to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, you may encounter them in garages and around windows and doors.

Guess what happens in the fall when the temperature begins to drop? Wolf spiders do not like being cold so they will make their way into your home if they are able to do so.

Credit: Joe Pieczynski, YouTube
Credit: Joe Pieczynski, YouTube


Some spiders pack a punch, some are venomous enough for serious health risks. However, do not grab the closet solid object if you spot a wolf spider. Though they are incredibly hideous specimens, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County says they are our friends.

Although their large size and hairy appearance may seem scary, wolf spiders are actually important predators on the hunt for pests in your yard and home.

Pests, meaning ants, flies, mosquitos, and other bugs.

As far as their actual bite, these arachnids don't generally go after humans but if they do there's minimal pain and no poison to worry about.

If you're stone-cold set on preventing wolf spiders, or any bugs, from getting inside your home, here are some tips.

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