It was one of the dumbest things ever to happen on the field of a Bears game. 

If you're not familiar with what happened in the Bears game Saturday afternoon, I highly recommend the following video. It's 4 minutes long, but it breaks down the whole situation pretty well. (Slight NSFW language, nothing horrible)

This is also a real nice multi-tweet explanation.

Bottom line is that Javon Weems was WILDLY out of line at the beginning of the third quarter on Sunday afternoon.

It was roundly critized by teammates as well.

Former Bear Alex Brown summed it up best what Wims has meant to the team this year

Wims hasn't seen much playing time this year, so the thought was to make an example of him and cut him from the team.

That hasn't happened yet, but Wims did get a 2 game suspension without pay, which is pretty extreme for an on-field altercation.

This will however give the Bears 2 more weeks to make their decision. We'll be waiting.

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