2022 could be the year you make your career dreams come true. Maybe that means getting a new job at one of your favorite places... a baseball stadium. 

Thinking back in my life, my favorite places are the ones that don't change a lot when you visit.

I loved my grandparents house in Arkansas, they never redecorated... ever.... I also love walking down the Strip in Las Vegas, I love O'hare Airport, and I love Wrigley Field.

I never need directions, I know where I'm going and I love baseball.

But Wrigley is a little far for Rockfordians to get a job. It's still super possible, just trafficy.

However, there's a much closer baseball stadium you can get a job at, ABC Supply Stadium.

Beloit's new Sky Carp stadium opened late last season and they are gearing up for the 2022 season and that means they're looking for employees. 

Geronimo Hospitality Group facilitates the food and beverage positions at the stadium and they're holding interviews every Thursday from January 13 until opening day to find the right people to be a part of the stadium this year.

Honestly, hanging at a baseball stadium all season long seems like a DREAM.

If you're not familiar with the food at the stadium, they have six different concepts, according to their hiring press release, 'Pohlman’s fan favorites, Sausage Haus sausage and brats, El Jefe’s street tacos and nachos, Wisco on a Stick, Big Philly’s cheesesteaks and The Meat Ball meatball sandwiches.'


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