It's been teasing us for awhile but Taco Betty's is finally open for business.

The already robust downtown dining scene just got a little spicier with Taco Betty's officially opening to the public today. It seems like it's been under construction for years but that's probably just me jonesing for a new taco place.

It's got some excellent pedigree behind it with restaurateur Paul Sletten in charge of getting the menu together. He's the guy behind both Social and Abreo, two of Rockford's best places to eat.

It's part of the new complex The Standard which will have a rooftop bar and other higher end shops. It's definitely going to be a thing to do in town as the weather warms up.

I was a little bummed out when one of my favorite spots Bamboo shut down last year. We just got good news last week that another Thai spot will be moving in shortly and that Bamboo will be operating out of a food truck this summer.

Taco Betty's will probably be pretty busy for awhile. Looks like it'll be worth it though. I can't wait to try it.

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