Sisters Thai Cafe will be taking up residence in the spot that was occupied by Bamboo sometime in the near future.

Sisters recently closed up shop at their old location inside The Clock Tower Center. If you've been paying any attention at all you know the troubles Clock Tower has been having over the past two years. Between the violence and the hotel shutting down it wasn't a viable place for a business.

Bamboo was one of my favorite spots in town when it was open. They had some of the best pad thai, their pho was outstanding and they had one of the best/ most unique appetizers in town with their beef jerky. I went there about twice a month. The owner decided to shut down for personal reasons and the spot has been empty ever since.

Sisters Thai Cafe should find success here. Bamboo was always pretty crowded and they're offering a similar fare. That and it seems like betting on a good restaurant downtown by the river these days is a good wager.

No word on when they will open up but it looks like it will be sooner than later. I'll see you at the bar getting some take-out when it does.

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