recently released a study determining the 164 safest cities in Illinois, and it shows the Rockford area needs to keep improving.

Before we can give a study any credibility, we wanted to know how came up with their rankings.

How Did We Determine the Safest Cities?

Of course, this isn’t just the safest cities according to personal opinion. Rather, we used the FBI’s 2017 and 2016 Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data to choose our top picks, based on factors like:

  • Murder rate
  • Rape rate
  • Robbery Rate
  • Assault rate
  • Burglary rate
  • Theft rate
  • Vehicle theft rate
  • Arson rates
  • Median Income

For each city, we’ll provide the most important information that you need to know, such as the city’s population, violent and property crime rates and trends, median income, average household income, and an overall safety score and ranking. Plus, we’ll show you all the specific numbers for the above rates, in addition to larceny theft rates and the total number of civilians working in law offices.

Before we get to's Rockford/Rockford area numbers, here are their picks for the top 5 safest cities in Illinois:

  1. Campton Hills
  2. Hawthorn Woods
  3. Elburn
  4. Lincolnshire
  5. Willow Springs

In our area, the highest ranking goes to...


Roscoe comes in at #30.

The next highest ranking in the Rockford area goes to:


Harvard ranks in the #35 spot.

Coming in at #41, it's Sycamore.


At #46, we have Marengo.


Dekalb comes in at #142, while Freeport is #145.

Rockford's number is 159 out of 164.

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