I remember the first time I met this Rockford artist, years ago at her once-annual Christmas extravaganza.

I was there because of the radio station, and to be totally truthful I had no idea what I was walking into.

That changed after I met the artist, Lisa Frost, and wandered around the booths and saw all of the other vendors selling their holiday wares.

lisA fRosT via Facebook
lisA fRosT via Facebook

Those Christmas shows and Frost's knack for remembering a face, a name, and greeting them all with a big smile was, in my eyes, a huge reason for her success.

Then 2020 hit, and I felt like I didn't hear much going on with Frost and her art or shows. Then again, there wasn't much of anything going on for the past few years so I can hardly blame her.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm glad that she's been commissioned to do an excellent mural in the Byron area.

Lenny Pic
Lenny Pic
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The news was shared on the City of Byron's Facebook just a few days ago saying:

I am painting a large outdoor
Mural for the city of Byron.
I hope to use my skills for a purpose greater than my own...to uplift and energize the community.
I also hope to have a good time doing it!
I am also very grateful for this opportunity.

At the moment, the mural isn't finished, however, it seems that things are moving quickly.

Lenny Pic
Lenny Pic

If I had to guess, I believe it will be completed by the time ByronFest rolls around.

ByronFest weekend kicks off on Friday, July 8.

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