As you've probably heard by now, the Chicago Bears have finalized the sale of the former site of Arlington Park, around 326 acres, for a little less than $200 million ($197.2 million):

For Those Of Us Who Don't Live In Chicago, This Means That Going To Bears Games In The Future Will Mean A Shorter, Easier Drive--And, Before That Happens, It Also Means Lots Of Jobs For Illinoisans

While Chicago's city government continues to delude itself by thinking that there's any possible way to convince Chicago Bears ownership and management to forget about the Arlington Heights property and stay at Soldier Field, the Bears have gotten to work preparing a new home for themselves.

But, in order to bring the dream of a new stadium complex that will host Chicago Bears games and bring in the big events like Super Bowls and Final Fours, the Bears are going to need an army of people, and that means some really good jobs for Illinois' workers.

Not to build this, Chicago city government's strange idea of refurbishing Soldier Field:

Die-Hard Chicago Bears Fans, Facebook
Die-Hard Chicago Bears Fans, Facebook

But to bring this concept to life in Arlington Heights:

Chris Christensen, Facebook
Chris Christensen, Facebook

Let's Take A Look At The Nearly 60,000 New Jobs The Chicago Bears New Stadium Complex Will Create, And The Economic Impact It Will Have On Illinois

When the Bears made the announcement about closing on the Arlington Heights property, they also included some economic numbers that a new stadium complex, built from the ground up, would bring (hat tip to


  • 48,000 jobs
  • $9.4 billion economic impact on Chicagoland area
  • $3.9 billion in annual labor income for the region

After Completion

  • 9,750 long-term jobs
  • $1.4 billion of economic impact on Chicagoland area
  • $601 million annual labor income for the region

Annual Tax Revenue

    • $16 million in Arlington Heights
    • $9.8 million for Cook County
    • $51.3 million for State of Illinois

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