Up until today, I didn't know I needed to cruise up to Janesville in order to get the best Reuben Sandwich in the area.

It all started while checking out the Rockford subreddit, where someone asked "Where can I get a good Reuben Sandwich in Rockford?"

Reuben Sandwich

Some of the responses listed mentioned The Olympic Tavern, Vintage, and Garrett's as possible destinations for a Reuben fix but one caught my eye, a pub in Janesville.

Go to O'Reilly (sp) and Conway's bar downtown. The Reuben is one of the best I've ever had by far...Toasted Marble Rye...With house-made sauce. Their corned beef is tender but cut thicc.

I have no qualms with getting in my car and going for a drive, sometimes a long drive, in order to get grub that's considered the best.

The reviews of O'Reilly & Conway's on Yelp highlight the sandwich too while saying the rest of the menu is "hit and miss" but most refer to the Reuben Sandwich as the "go-to."

That's totally fine with me. I only need one thing a menu to be considered excellent in order for me to want to try it out.

Have you had an O'Riley and Conway's Reuben Sandwich? Is it worth the drive? Tell us!

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