There are many pressing issues for our politicians these days -- the economy, jobs, budget deficits, taxes, and spending just to name a few. But for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton one topic near and dear to his heart is near the top of his agenda: kickoff times for college football games.

Hannah Foslien, Getty Images

Specifically, Dayton wants all Minnesota Golden Gophers football games to start after noon. In fact, Dayton was clear with the Pioneer Press he wants Minnesota lawmakers to get involved:

"They talk about the concern about attendance at the Gopher games -- they start them at 11 o'clock in the morning. I'm going to propose that we pass a law that no (Division I FBS) football game in Minnesota can start before noon."

Dayton said 11 a.m. kickoffs -- as the Gophers had for home games this year against Northwestern, Purdue, Iowa and Ohio State -- are just too early.

Is this the real role of government? Passing laws mandating the start time of college football games?

Dayton went on to say that tailgaters have to arrive by 9 a.m. and he didn't believe most students even were awake at the hour. If that's the case, how do these guys and gals get to class on time? When I was in college plenty of classes started before noon.

Why did I get up and go? Because it was important to me to do so. If attending a football game is important enough to students they'll make the "sacrifice" to get to the stadium to tailgate early. Perhaps it's in bed by 1 a.m. instead of closing down the bar. The horror.